Celebrating the hundreds of people who 
transformed their lives with the help of “The Functional Plan”

What if I told you that I created the book of you? You can walk into the store and on the shelf it's a book that tells you everything you need to do in order to be the healthiest version of yourself. Would you buy that book? These few testimonials are a sampling of hundreds we have helped!

"I can't thank Michael enough for all the knowledge and help. Simple tweaks to my regimen have had amazing results! Most recently a plateau in my weight and overall feeling of blah. Removing starchy foods and adding the right supplements have helped me sleep through the night and drop weight. Michael always helps me achieve my best self!!

Mary Adams, IL

"Michael provides such a useful tool and service in the functional medicine world. As a former professional athlete, I have had access to the very best Doctors and practitioners in the conventional medicine world. None of these Doctors provided the in depth analysis, support, and holistic approach that they provide. They truly care about the root of the problem and don't opt for the "quick fix mentality" that runs rampant in conventional medicine.

Kevin Deeth, Retired NHL Player

"After meeting with Michael I  understand his holistic approach to pre/post natal care. I was very impressed with how he handled my patients health issues. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to get to the root cause of fertility issues or helping them achieve better overall health. I continue to refer my patients to him.

Dr. Kelly Hammond, MD OBGYN

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