Michael Buron


I was not always as healthy as I am today, in fact, far from it. I don't want you to go through what I did. By combining Eastern medicines with Functional Medicine, Individualized Nutrition and truly clean delicious food, I am able to deliver a unique, laser precise, cutting-edge clinical practice that is Holistic by all definitions. We inspire you to reach your goals and set new ones with expert guidance and support until its second nature. Ultimately we educate our clients how to fully express their genetic potential and finally give them the attention and time they deserve. I work with D.O's, Nurse Practitioners, and M.D.'s. You will receive the best care possible from everyone in my circle of professionals.

How I wish I knew someone like me in my earlier days!  I used to live on anti-diarrhea medication and always had to plan on where the nearest bathroom was. Any stress or wrong foods would set off severe stomach pains and then three trips to the bathroom with the labor-like pains in between. I was suffering through acne, fungal infections and the worse pain in the world, kidney stones. The acne made me embarrassed to take off my shirt or show my face, the IBS made me almost miss the birth of my 1st daughter, and the kidney stones left me in a state of pain that was so bad, I wasn't able to take care of my children during an attack!

My first physical injury was a doozy when I blew my back out squatting with poor form. I was ignorant and pompous enough to re-injured it three more times doing dead lifts. Then I suffered from multiple hamstring blowouts followed by a rotator cuff impingement injury and surgery.  I finally educated myself on proper lifting form and correcting my muscle imbalances and posture. These injuries happened in a ten-year time frame, and I just figured injuries were a normal consequence of training. Yeah, WRONG training!
It's amazing how many of my clients tell me stories of how they “used to be an athlete” and in great shape. I not only educate them that their sports performance days don’t have to be past them and they can lose the weight they have gained, but I also use myself as a living example. Yes, I talk the talk, and I walk the walk. I wouldn't ask clients to do anything I haven’t done. If I can do it while raising four kids the same way I live, there is no room for excuses!

So where am I today? All health issues are gone after I addressed the REASON I got them. This led me to address why most people like me are not getting better. I now get to the root cause through detailed health detective work and write a book on YOU, the client, and what is going on in your body and correctly what to do about it. For the first time in your life, you will have someone who will spend over 40 hours going through every lab, every marker and your health history to compile a "How To" book on what to eat, what supplements to take, how to clean up your environment, what muscles to stretch and which exercised to do to bring you to optimal health and give you the chance to express your true genetic potential!

If you come away with anything from my brief story, hopefully, it’s that no matter how bad you have it, if you are willing to change and seek out someone who is trained and ready to spend the time on your case, you can heal!

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