Are you living up to your athletic potential?

We have heard it before. “Give it your all,” “Try your best,” and my favorite, “Leave it all out on the field.” That last quote has me thinking. How can we do our best out on the field if we haven’t done our best off the field? No, I’m not talking about practicing, strength and conditioning or learning strategies to help win games. I’m talking about going deeper here. I’m talking about doing what your competition is not willing to do, or, even more apropos, what they don’t even know they can do to give themselves the edge. To live up to one's genetic potential and be the best you can be. Leave it all out on the field of life, not just the field of play.

So what exactly am I talking about here? Let me explain. The athletes I know, from middle school to pro athletes, all share the same fundamental beliefs and practices. That is until they start to work with me and have their eyes opened for the first time. They all work with the same coaches and trainers, go to the same offseason camps and hear the same advice from all walks of life. “To make the team” or “to make the first string,” you have to train harder than the next person. Longer hours in the gym, more time watching film, hire a personal trainer, go to specialty camps, do more cardio, blah blah blah. Do more than the person next to you, and you will be the best. My question is, is that enough? Are we missing the bigger picture? The answer is no, it’s far from enough, and yes there is a bigger picture. A MUCH bigger picture.

n the following blogs, I am going to show you areas of opportunity that you probably didn’t know existed, or you didn’t think about. I promise that it will all make sense and if you are like me, you will be kicking yourself for not thinking about your training in this fashion. We are going to start at the base of the pyramid and work our way up to the top. From middle school to high school, I am going to show you how to gain a substantial competitive edge over athletes trying to get the position on the team that you want. How a college athlete can have a massive advantage over the THOUSANDS of other athletes from around the Country that want that scholarship or place on the team. And for you professional athletes, I will show you how to be MVP, set records, increase your value and extend your career. Take for instance an NHL player. The average salary was 2.4 million in 2011 with the highest individual salary of 13.8 million for the 2017-18 season, shared by two players. If following what I teach can give an NHL player 2-4 more years in longevity, that’s 5 to 56 million more in your bank account! I’m sure you would agree, this is worth a look!

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