What is the Foundation Plan?

Michael has cracked the secret health code. For the first time in your life you will know which foods are right for your body. Do you find yourself "eating healthy" and still not feeling good? This program will help transform the way you look at food! Three comprehensive tests will gather information to help you kick start your life, lose weight, and get a hold of your health, starting today!

Here's what you get

  • Full Health Appraisal Questionnaire  Assessment & Recommendations

  • Advanced Metabolic Typing (MT) Test, Interpretation, Report, Consultation, Coaching Support (Clinical questionnaire)

  • Lifetime Access to your personalized Metabolic Me (MM) Video Support Series

  • MRT Food Sensitivity test, consultation & Interpretation, integrated with your MT results. (Blood test)

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Tests, Interpretations, Reports & consultation (Checks for toxins & mineral levels)

  • Weekly calls to review and fine tune your diet. (1-hour per week over 3 months)

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