Phone Consult

Health Questionnaires

Required Tests

Consult to review results

On the phone consult we will discuss your health goals and see if you qualify for the program.

You will complete a series of questionnaires.

You will have your own portal in PTEHANCE where all your health records, test results and more will be housed.

Based on your health goals and preliminary tests we will suggest clinical lab tests.

You will receive automatic emails letting you know when it's time for you to schedule a consult to review your tests.


You will be enrolled in a maintenance program to keep you on track and check

"Under the hood" as we say.

That will consist of basic testing to make sure your body doesn't require further course correction.


How much do your plans cost?

Our Functional Medicine model is getting to the root cause. Our clients are people who want to get healthy and feel great. We do not accept every client. We only want to take on clients who have blocking factors that will prevent them from improving their overall health. The application process begins with a complementary consultation. If you are accepted into the program, price depends on several factors, including the complexity of your condition, the extent of lab testing required, the combination of natural medicines and other therapies needed such as protocols. We do everything we can to make our programs affordable to most individuals.


Do you take insurance?

If we work with insurance they dictate how long we can work with you. Meaning they have expected recovery times, and we know each person heals at their own pace. We have your best interest at heart not the insurance company. Also, their standards are based on sick individuals, not those who are striving to be proactive. Although some bloodwork and tests may be covered based on your insurance, you will have to work with your insurance directly for reimbursement. If you have an FSA or HSA you can use that for Functional Medicine.


How long before I begin seeing or feeling results?

This depends on many factors, the client’s compliance in following the program, the complexity of your health issues, how well you respond to protocols, etc.. Our programs are 3-6 months and positive changes have been made within the first month for many clients.


What is your success rate?

We have 99% success rate with clients as long as they comply and follow our instruction. This is why we are very selective over who we bring on as a client. There are many variables that have to be in place in order to have to achieve the results you desire.

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