What is The Transformation Plan?

After you complete the Foundation Plan you can continue with the Transformation Plan or you can go all in on the Transformation Plan! Imagine you are a victim of a crime, someone stole your health! You call 911; the detectives arrive, do you want them to only take a few bits of evidence from the crime scene or would you want them to do an extensive sweep and pick up all evidence, so they catch the thief before they get too far! This is what we do! We dive in deep and get to the root of your health issues.

We use the best cutting edge labs

  • 2-Gut Tests- checks for parasites, pathogens, virus, bacteria, fungus and immune function. OAT & GI MAP

  • Hormone Test- most comprehensive hormone panel in the whole world. DUTCH Test

  • Comprehensive blood panels- Blood sugar, thyroid, immune system, methylation, liver function, vitamin levels and more.

  • Blood Chemistry & Nutrigenomics Report -50 page genetic report that shows genetic strengths and weaknesses such as thyroid, brain, heart, gut, hormones and potential cancer genes. We will provide a comprehensive plan to alter your unfavorable biochemical pathways.

  • Interpretation, consultation which includes lifestyle recommendations, supplementation, dietary guidelines.

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